Massimo Sex D'Electro

the Berlin-based Artist is the founder of the successful Electrobot Records label, a talented musician, a producer, a Live-Act, a DJ, a promoter and a well-known radio personality.
In 2002 Electrobot Records was founded as a plattform for the Artist and Friends around Massimo.It took one year till the first records were sold in the shops and the impact on the electronic music was massive.
Out of Electrobot Records in 2002 developed now the entertainment company Electrobot Music Group including
the three branches:  Electrobot Records, Electrobot Events and Electrobot Publishing.
With ears trained through years of DJ experience, Massimo has turned his abilities as a selector towards discovering fresh, innovative talents, staging great events and signing new artists. Electrobot Music Group as evolved now a platform dedicated to the discovery and development for a new generation of dance music.

Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk)

Wolfgang Flür is the inventor of the electronic drumset and former Kraftwerk member.
He released on Electrobot Records the track 'Beat Perfecto' , played many times
on Electrobot label showcases on stage with Massimo Sex D'Electro and other electrobot
artists and is still touring as a DJ with his 'Elektroknirsch' deejay set.

Danton Eeprom

Danton Eeprom is a great french producer and live act from Marseille that was first discovered, signed and released
on Electrobot in 2006. Danton and Massimo produced & recorded together tracks that were produced in France and
then released on Electrobot Records.
(Check them out!  Releses section: a_Berlin Hustler & b_Retronica De Reve)

Sneak Thief

Sneak Thief is a Canadian producer and live act that moved to Berlin and released on Electrobot.
He is also well known under many other aliases in example as one part of Poligamy Boys.
>Listen to BERLIN.sELEKTRO.TECHNIK compilation volume 1 !


Dancepig is an irish producer and live act. He is well known for groovy basslines and catchy vocals.
check out his music online just go to release section!


Tetsuo is an electro pop producer from Norway. His release was enginered by Massimo Sex D'Electro in Berlin
and then released on Electrobot Records
check out his music online just go to release section!

The Operator

The Operator is a canadian producer that was discovered by Massimo Sex D'Electro.
His dance album 'the man from AFAR' will be released winter 2011 on Electrobot Records.